“Sweat Equity” (A LadyLuck Startups Romance E-Book)


Contemporary Lesbian Romance by Monica McCallan

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Avery Simmons’ life is in a rut. As the co-founder and creator of a lesbian dating app meant to help people find love, or at least a fun fling, the irony isn’t lost on her. Her girlfriend broke up with her, she can’t fit into her favorite jeans, and to top it off, she’s getting a new roommate who will be privy to her depressing pity party.

About the Author

Monica McCallan was an enthusiastic fan of romance novels before she began writing them. She has 8 published novels, all of which are available on Amazon as e-books. When she’s not writing, you can find her binging almost all lesbian media. She lives with her partner and two tiny dogs, cannot parallel park to save her life, enjoys playing pool a few times a week, and has enjoyed every second of the craft beer explosion these last few years. Visit https://www.monicamccallan.com/ for more information.