Apple Tree Soy and Whiskey & Wood Soy Candles


From Queer Candle Co.

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Queer Candle Co. has an amazing selection of candles for the fall season and Apple Tree and Whiskey & Wood are our favorites. And, we want you to enjoy them too!

Whiskey & Wood Soy: The distinctive scent of cedar blends with a sharp whiskey to create a completely unique aroma, Light but complex, the scent is inviting and earthy with a hint of vanilla, and Topped with small bits of natural tree bark.

Apple Tree Soy: Crisp and inviting fall scent – highlights of apple with warm notes of cinnamon and wood, Topped with fragrant apple slices & apple blossoms, and slightly earthier twist on the classic fall scent

So, what’s queer about the candles?

As a queer-owned business, it’s important to us that the platform we build is reflective of our community. We love making candles, but it’s not the only important part of QCC. Our whole business, starting from the name and permeating through the rest of our work is formed around a focus on queerness. We are proud to hire other queer folks and to make an effort to build community with and elevate other LGBTQ+ businesses. Through the donations we make to SRLP, we are allowing our customers to vote with their dollar and not only support our queer business, but also support the larger LGBTQ+ community.


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