Pitching and Editing Consultation w/ Mary O’Hara


The Reassuring Lesbian.

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Mary is offering an editorial consultation that includes feedback on a draft of an article or other written content and an hour long video conference, in addition to networking and promotional assistance to help the writer seeking paid contract work. “In this climate, there are no guarantees,” Mary says, “But I will do whatever I can to help connect people!”

Mary Emily O’Hara is a journalist with over 15 years experience in publishing. A nonbinary queer femme based in Portland, Oregon, they are currently the Diversity & Inclusion Reporter at Adweek magazine. In the past, Mary has held editing, reporting, and producing roles at INTO, them., NBC News and MSNBC, VICE, the Daily Dot, and more. Being self-taught and having a nontraditional educational background helps give Mary a unique perspective on mentorship for those looking to enter the media industry, and they are thrilled to offer advice as well as actionable skill-sharing to the Tagg community.