Let’s continue to tell our stories.

It’s not always easy asking for help, but in order for Tagg Magazine to stay afloat: WE NEED YOU. Since COVID-19 hit the United States, Tagg Magazine has been greatly affected. Like most media companies, most of our advertising clients have temporarily (or permanently) shut down their businesses. In order for Tagg Magazine to continue our work, we’re asking for our community to help keep the voices of queer women thriving.

we need your help reaching our ANNIVERSARY goal of $5,000.

Purchase an item and give back! All Tagg Shop purchases and donations will go directly to compensating our staff and maintaining both our print publication and website. Tagg Magazine is one of two queer women’s print publications left in the United States, which is just one reason we refuse to throw in the towel.

Thank you for supporting queer women’s media and Black queer-owned businesses!

A special thank you to the individuals and businesses who contributed to our fundraiser.

Please email us at info@taggmagazine.com if you have any questions.

[Please note: Items can only be shipped in the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic some items might be delayed.]

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